• “I have been seeing Dr. Ernst [Dancy] for the last 3 months and she has improved my movement and allowed me to fulfill my day to day activity. I can play golf again and it is a wonderful feeling. I have been suffering from spinal stenosis for some time and have tried various options of exercise and stimulation but Lonni’s treatment has been the most successful. I look forward to my weekly treatment knowing I will feel much better afterwards”
    – Robert, Age 69
  • “Prior to seeing Dr. Ernst [Dancy], I had sharp pain in my left shoulder that would often wake me in the middle of the night. I had struggled with this for several years, but after one A.R.T. session with Dr. Ernst [Dancy] I noticed immediate improvement. Over the next several weeks with bi-weekly sessions of A.R.T. my pain went away completely. My flexibility also improved, and I found this carried over to my Yoga practice. I was able to go deeper into all my poses, and enter Kapotasana fully. I cannot recommend Dr. Ernst [Dancy] enough.”
    —Andrew, Age 38
  • “I went to Dr. Ernst [Dancy] for my shin splints and she really helped me recover from them. She also showed me many ways to prevent them from developing in the future. Last year when I didn’t know about Dr. Ernst [Dancy] I got shin splints and had to miss half of my high school soccer season so I really appreciated that she prevented that from happening this year. Dr. Ernst [Dancy] is an amazing chiropractor and person, and I highly recommend her for any sport or non-sport related injuries.”
    –Natalie, Age 16
  • “As an avid recreational runner, I’m pretty used to aches and pains. However, my plantar fasciitis was going from annoying to debilitating pretty fast. I limped around when I got out of bed or when I sat too long in one place. Luckily, I found ART and Lonni! After just one session, my arch pain wasn’t gone but massively reduced. I noticed the effects the next morning when there was very little stiffness in my feet when I got out of bed. Subsequent sessions have greatly reduced all the effects of PF and I think I may beat it after all! As a bonus, Lonni is very friendly and personable. I felt immediately at ease having her work on my foot. She took care to explain what she was doing and why it was effective. She also gave me extra tips on how to alleviate my symptoms between sessions.”
    —Mallory, Age 26